Feeder Fund Liquidity

NPM facilitates liquidity by creating new connections between funds, advisors & investors, and secondary liquidity providers.

NASDAQ Private Market - Feeder Fund Chart

How It Works

A uniquely designed liquidity mechanism that manages the process from discovery to settlement.


Fund Managers select the funds to make available on Nasdaq Private Market’s proprietary platform and choose the frequency of liquidity events.


Fund information and materials are provided via access-controlled data rooms.


Pre-approved Secondary Liquidity Providers submit indicative bids to establish market-driven competitive pricing and ensure deep liquidity.


Investors, through their financial advisor, submit indications of interest to sell a fund position, or buy into a new fund, during the defined period.


Buy and sell interest is intelligently matched based on the customized auction algorithm.


The platform manages the full end-to-end process, including the execution of transfer agreements, payment and settlement.

Platform Features

From Discovery...To Settlement.
An innovative, automated solution for facilitating regular, auction-based liquidity events for alternative investment fund products.

Fund Materials

Participants are granted access to fund data rooms, populated with relevant documents and financial information.

Order Entry

Secondary Liquidity Providers and qualified investors submit buy and sell interests directly through the web-based platform.

Auction Matching

Customized auction logic consolidates ad hoc transactions into large multilateral trades by automating the matching of sell and buy interest into a single process.

Contract Execution

Standardized agreements and signatures are managed, submitted and archived via the platform.

Payment & Settlement

Payment processing is managed through a registered broker dealer. Transfer of interest reporting is provided to fund administration.

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