Equity Management Portal

Streamline and centralize the management of your stock plan

As a private company grows, so too does the number of people with whom you need to share sensitive information. Fielding inquiries and running reports to address questions from your employees, investors and partners also eats up valuable staff time.

A private company portal from NASDAQ Private Market streamlines and simplifies the process of managing your external communications. It provides a central hub for monitoring equity ownership and exchanging information with employees and investors.

For Companies 

  • Distribute equity awards and 701 disclosures to employees
  • Share pertinent financial disclosures with investors via an online data room providing permission-based access and configurable access levels
  • Help facilitate company-sponsored Private Tender Offers


For Employees 

  • Allow employees to accept and exercise options online using electronic signatures
  • Enable equity holders to view holdings and equity-related documents
  • Enable sellers to participate in company-sponsored Private Tender Offers

For Investors 

  • Enable current investors to track and manage holdings and view company financials
  • Allow prospective investors to view financial disclosures with permission-based access to the data room
  • Enable purchasers to participate in company-sponsored Private Tender Offers

Keeping Watch on a Private Tender Offer

When a company is ready to facilitate a Private Tender Offer, in which employees and other shareholders may sell specific amounts of their holdings to selected investors at designated times, the company portal provides a technology tool to assist the Company and participants in connection with the program.

  • The company can post the offering documents and financial disclosures for viewing by company-approved participants
  • Equity holders can electronically execute documents in connection with the Private Tender Offer with the Company setting built-in controls that ensure participants adhere to their selling limits and company guidelines
  • Company management can monitor participant activity and program volume
  • All completed contracts are maintained within the portal

You're In Control

An NPM company portal enables you to: 

  • Improve employee communication by keeping them informed of their equity participation
  • Maintain control over sensitive information through permission-based access
  • Efficiently manage controlled liquidity to your shareholders through Private Tender Offers


To learn more, connect with an NPM representative at info@npm.com