Cap Table Onboarding by ExactEquity™

Get up and running smoothly

Enjoy the full benefit of ExactEquity™ right from the start. No matter how many employees you have or the complexity of your requirements, our onboarding service helps your company get started with us quickly and easily.



Our Onboarding Specialists:

  • Upload your company’s cap table and stock plan to our system
  • Scrub the data and adapt it for ExactEquity
  • Help ensure that the data is accurate, so you can use it immediately


Whether you’re moving from in-house spreadsheets or a third-party platform, we can help make the transition swift and efficient.


Phone and Email Support 

Our dedicated ExactEquity™ support team is on call to help you get up and running quickly, troubleshoot issues, and take advantage of the system's full capabilities.


To learn more about ExactEquity™, connect with an NPM representative at