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Simplify your entire equity program from inception to exit.

Your company's cap table contains critical and sensitive information. Keeping accurate records of who owns which company securities at all times is essential.

ExactEquity is a cloud-based equity management solution that enables private companies to manage their cap table and stock plan more efficiently. Companies can also choose to link ExactEquity with the NASDAQ Private Market for fully integrated tracking of primary and secondary transactions and liquidity programs.

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ExactEquity provides a complete, accurate, and up-to-date view of your shareholders, stock options, and other ownership data.

Comprehensive view

Track your cap table and stock plan in a single system of record.

Role-based access

Provide customized views for employees, HR, legal, and more.

Efficient workflows

Generate grant documents and manage signatures quickly.

Transfer agent support

Generate digital representative stock certificates, certificate printing, and automatic updates upon exercise.

Our dashboard view provides a convenient summary of all equity activity.
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Manage stock options, RSUs, stock grants and performance plans.
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Create Black Scholes option expensing reports and disclosures.
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Perform real-time waterfall analysis modeling various exits.
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Streamlined Equity Management

With ExactEquity you can easily track and model founders' shares, manage financing rounds, and compute pre-money valuation, share price, holding percentage and total investment. You can also track convertible notes and options, and conversion at the next round of financing.

In addition, our Audit Trail tracks and saves every version of the cap table from inception to the present, providing full transparency across all modifications. Automated controls and warnings help you manage compliance with $100K ISO, Rule 701, and more. Equity Ledger also allows you to easily create and track representative shares certificates.

Intuitive Stock Plan Administration

Our streamlined workflow guides you through all phases of employee grants, from the offer letter to board approvals, grant notice generation, and electronic signatures.

ExactEquity also handles custom vesting schedules. You can cancel, exercise, or accelerate options. Plus, you can instantly report on the summary status of the option pool to see equity vested, free or allocated – and itemize by employee.

Planning And Analysis: What-If Scenarios

Built-in models perform real-time calculations at every step from entry to exit. You can model future financings while computing pre-money valuation, share price, percentage holdings, and total investment.

You can also model liquidity events to see pro forma distributions by shareholder for each valuation. Create multiple scenarios and produce comparisons. Every user can independently run what-if scenarios, create a summary cap table, and save data independently.

Accessible and
Up-To-Date Data

Your cap table is always current and accessible anywhere, anytime you have a web browser. Controlled, role-based views allow you to grant full or partial access among founders, executives, accounting professionals, investors, board members, legal counsel, and stock plan administrators. Our solution keeps everyone on the same page, eliminating error-prone paperwork, spreadsheets and other version-control challenges.

Also, by replicating and backing up your data in real time, we minimize the risk of data loss. Our Amazon SAS70-certified cloud servers, 256-bit encryption and your own unique keys help ensure data security and protection.

Option Expensing, Disclosures, And Waterfall Analysis

ExactEquity enables you to create Black Scholes option expensing reports (aka FAS 123R or ASC 718) and disclosures with easy step-by-step instructions. Our system enables you to determine fair values and milestones, compute historical forfeiture rates and grant volatility, and automatically obtain risk free interest rates.

You can also create complete waterfall analysis that considers liquidation preferences and exercise prices, or display proceeds distribution, proceeds per valuation, or price per share per valuation.