What is NASDAQ Private Market?

NASDAQ Private Market was launched in 2014 to meet the specialized needs of today’s private companies.  Our technology and expertise provides a comprehensive solution for managing stock ownership. As companies remain private longer, they can employ NASDAQ Private Market services to facilitate shareholder liquidity and manage their equity in a controlled manner on their terms.

How much does NASDAQ Private Market's tender offer solution cost?

Pricing is customized based on client requirements. Factors that go into pricing include the complexity of the company's equity program, and the level of service the company is seeking. To learn more about pricing for your company, contact us at companies@npm.com.

How does a private tender offer affect valuation?

This is a conversation between a company and its valuation firm or investment banker. Secondary transactions may have some influence on 409A valuation, but it is only one data point to be considered in the analysis. Further, third-party tender offers may potentially have less influence on valuation than a company buyback.

How long does it take to set up a private tender offer?

Depending on the complexity of the transaction, we can be ready in as little as 24 hours. NASDAQ Private Market will create your customized transaction environment, populate an online document center with security features, set up support lines and assist in sending out transaction notices.

What are the advantages of a company-sponsored private tender offer?

There are numerous benefits to a company sponsoring a periodic or one-time Private Tender Offer. At a high level, the company can maintain control over share ownership while proactively addressing the liquidity needs of stakeholders. The company can determine levels of participation and use the program to reward tenured employees, while reducing the distractions associated with unchecked open market transactions.

What controls can a company impose on transactions of its shares using our services?

Private companies running a private tender offer on our platform can control: who can buy and sell shares, how many shares can be sold, the timing of the liquidity event, and the information disclosed to participants. 

Can institutional investors buy shares in the companies on NASDAQ Private Market's platform?

Only company-approved investors can participate on NASDAQ Private Market's platform. We do not provide capital introductions.

Do You Help Companies Raise Primary Capital?

No, we do not.

Who Are NPM's private company customers?

Our customers include some of the most successful venture-backed private companies in the world. Here are some of our current and previous customers.

Will participation with NASDAQ Private Market limit a private company's choices for where to list when going public?

No. Companies have no restrictions of any kind on where they can list when going public.

What services does NASDAQ Private Market offer private companies?

NASDAQ Private Market provides a range of services to private companies. Our Private Tender Offer solution allows companies to provide coordinated and organized liquidity events; our ExactEquity solution provides a cloud-based platform for administering a company stock plan; our M&A Paying Agent solution streamlines the post-closing and settlement process for M&A transactions.

Why did NASDAQ Private Market acquire SecondMarket?

NASDAQ Private Market acquired SecondMarket in October 2015, with Bill Siegel assuming the role as Head of NASDAQ Private Market. As the leading facilitator of broad-based secondary transactions, SecondMarket fit well into NPM's vision to provide a comprehensive set of solutions for today's private companies. Combining the industry-leading platform for tender offers with NPM's ExactEquity solution, we believe we will continue to provide a first rate experience for all of our clients.