How Does NPM Provide Liquidity? – CNBC


April 4, 2019

In partnership with CNBC, Nasdaq Private Market created an infographic to explain how we provide streamlined, private transaction technology solutions for private companies and private funds seeking liquidity while ensuring greater control, less administrative burden and access to NPM’s unqiue investor network.

To view the infographic, click here.


Our Solutions

We are a market leader in facilitating private company liquidity. Since 2013, we have facilitated liquidity programs on behalf of 120+ private companies.

Key Offerings

  • Tender Offers/Buybacks

  • Secondary Captial Introductions

  • Auctions

Through organized auctions, fund managers can provide liquidity to current investors while broadening access to new investors.

Key Offerings

  • Limited partner Interests

  • '40 Act Registered Funds

  • Auction Funds