NPM on TD Ameritrade Network – Bringing Liquidity to Private Companies


February 12, 2019

Eric Folkemer, Head of Nasdaq Private Market, speaks with Nicole Petallides on TD Ameritrade Network’s “Morning Trade Live” about record-setting private company transaction volume on the NPM’s platform in 2018, and what this means for the IPO pipeline in 2019.

Watch the interview here.


Our Solutions

We are a market leader in facilitating private company liquidity. Since 2013, we have facilitated liquidity programs on behalf of 120+ private companies.

Key Offerings

  • Tender Offers/Buybacks

  • Secondary Captial Introductions

  • Auctions

Through organized auctions, fund managers can provide liquidity to current investors while broadening access to new investors.

Key Offerings

  • Limited partner Interests

  • '40 Act Registered Funds

  • Auction Funds