Press Release – Secondary Market 2018 Retrospective


January 29, 2019

Nasdaq Private Market (NPM), a leading provider of liquidity solutions for today’s private securities, has released its 2018 Year End Private Company report, which summarizes private company liquidity activity on the NPM platform.

NPM facilitated a record-setting increase in its annual transaction volume from $3.2 billion and 51 total programs in 2017 to $12 billion and 79 total programs in 2018. Factors that contributed to the strong momentum include: NPM supporting several large-scale transactions with a total value greater than $1 billion, a rise in the number of recurring programs on the NPM platform, and an increasing number of companies seeking to leverage NPM for price discovery, using auctions to determine the transaction value.

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We are a market leader in facilitating private company liquidity. Since 2013, we have facilitated liquidity programs on behalf of 120+ private companies.

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Through organized auctions, fund managers can provide liquidity to current investors while broadening access to new investors.

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