Secondary Market 2018 Retrospective


January 29, 2019

Since its inception in 2013, Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) has provided structured liquidity programs for today’s private companies. NPM continues to be a leading provider of liquidity solutions – in 2018, we completed 79 transactions totaling $12 billion in transaction value. This increase in transaction volume and value can be attributed to several factors, including a growing client base, recurring liquidity, and a diverse age range of companies. Nasdaq Private Market’s market-leading technology and expertise enable us to provide liquidity solutions to private companies at every stage of their lifecycle. 

We start 2019 by reflecting on last year’s record-setting growth in our 2018 Retrospective, our annual review of the predominant trends and themes in the private company secondary market.

Highlights from our report include:

  • Private company sponsored liquidity programs are commonplace and thriving;
  • Demand from primary mega-rounds is spilling over into the secondary space; and
  • Third party programs are being fueled by abundant institutional dry powder.

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Our Solutions

We are a market leader in facilitating private company liquidity. Since 2013, we have facilitated liquidity programs on behalf of 120+ private companies.

Key Offerings

  • Tender Offers/Buybacks

  • Secondary Captial Introductions

  • Auctions

Through organized auctions, fund managers can provide liquidity to current investors while broadening access to new investors.

Key Offerings

  • Limited partner Interests

  • '40 Act Registered Funds

  • Auction Funds