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  1. Dry Powder Soars to $300B for Private Market Opportunities

    Investors have more capital waiting on the sidelines just as concerns about rising interest rates, liquidity and inflation ease. This confluence of factors will offer significant tailwinds to private market deals in 2023.

  2. How Nasdaq Private Market Helps Unlock Secondary Liquidity

    Nasdaq Private Market (NPM), an independent entity with investments from a consortium of global banks and Nasdaq, Inc., discusses its franchise which provides secondary liquidity for private companies, employees, other shareholders, and investors. NPM is creating….

  3. Fidelity, Nasdaq, and AngelList all agree on one thing: Cap tables need some work

    Buckle up. It’s time to discuss one of the most thrilling documents in the startup world: The cap table. I mean, come on: It’s all in there—shareholders, types of shares, dilution.

  4. Friedman Sees Big Opportunity for Nasdaq Private Market

    Adena Friedman, president and chief executive of Nasdaq, says the firm sees a huge opportunity from spinning out Nasdaq Private Market into a joint venture with a group of banks to accelerate investment and development of….

  5. Wall Street wants to disrupt private share trading

    Wall Street firms such as Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan and Morgan Stanley are muscling in on the booming market for private share trading – and potentially disrupting existing technology platforms.

  6. Nasdaq to Spin Out Market for Pre-IPO Shares in Deal With Banks

    With strategic investments from Nasdaq, Silicon Valley Bank, Citi, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, Nasdaq Private Market will become a standalone, independent company to build a leading platform for private company stock transactions.

  7. The Market Minute: When You Want Liquidity But Don’t Want To Wait For An IPO

    For many startup employees, it often seems like the only options for liquidating their shares and receiving a payout for their equity in a company is to wait for it to go public or be acquired.

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