What We Provide

  • Innovative Private Transaction Technology

    We provide a uniform, end-to-end platform to streamline private transactions from setup and onboarding through cash settlement. Our flexible technology offers multiple models to support tender offer programs, auctions and block transactions.

  • Ecosystem of Institutional Buyers

    We work with a growing pool of specialized institutional buyers who focus on secondary transactions in private assets of companies and funds.

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Framework

    We help ensure regulatory compliance in each aspect of the business and operate as a Broker-Dealer, Alternative Trading System (ATS) and Qualified Matching Service (QMS) as interpreted in a Private Letter Ruling by the IRS.

What We Do

Nasdaq Private Market is a leading provider of liquidity solutions for today’s private securities.


Designed by SPONSORS

We partner with market-leading companies and alternative investment fund managers to customize and deliver effective liquidity solutions to address their liquidity challenges.


Standardized LIQUIDITY

Our end-to-end platform provides comprehensive tools from ledger integration to contract management and payments.


Optimize for EFFICIENCY

Our platform streamlines ledger integration, information disclosure, order entry, contract management and payment settlement – all within a regulatory framework upheld by Nasdaq standards.


Liquidity for SELLERS

By working directly with companies and alternative investment fund managers, we offer shareholders and investors a standardized and more efficient process for achieving liquidity.


Attract BUYERS

We selectively leverage our network of specialized institutional buyers to identify the right strategic investor for secondary capital.


Our Technology

An end-to-end platform for providing controlled liquidity.

Sponsor Portal
Ownership Integration
Data Room Disclosures
Order Entry & Agreements
Order Matching
Real-time Monitoring
Payments & Settlement

Sponsor Portal:

  • Sponsors customize and design a unique web-based liquidity program portal for eligible participants
  • Eligible participants receive an email from NPM with a link to log in and activate their NPM credentials to access the platform
  • Set limitations on eligible securities and participation parameters