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  • Institutional-grade marketplace and trading technology to invest in private companies
  • Help ease challenges in identifying private market investments and buying stock pre-IPO
  • A platform to evaluate an ever-evolving inventory of innovative private company buying opportunities across growth stages, sectors, and countries
  • Venue to buy stock in exciting, industry-disrupting emerging and established private companies with growth potential
  • Provide infrastructure and guidance to make execution easier and seamless
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Total Transaction Value


Total Company Programs


Total Number of Participants


Total Number of Unicorn Clients


Source: NPM*

Client Size

Companies value at $0 – $250m: 16%



Companies value at $250M-$500M: 5%



Companies value at $500M-$1B: 25%



Companies value at $1B- $5B: 44%


$1B- $5B

Companies value at +$5B: 9%



Client Industry Breakdown

Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT) 44%

Technology, Media, and Telecom (TMT)

Financial Services 17%

Financial Services

Healthcare Technology 15%

Healthcare Technology

Software (B2C) 9%

Software (B2C)

Retail 4%


Transportation 4%


Consumer Durables & Apparel: 2%


FinTech & Payments Technology 3%

Fintech &…

Biotechnology 1%


Media & Entertainment 1%

Media &…

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It was important for us to be able to give back to our employees… to give people a chance to realize something for the value that they have created, and not have to wait for an IPO.
Steve Wietrecki

Chief Revenue Officer

Steve Wietrecki

Chief Revenue Officer

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