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Nasdaq Private Market’s Secondary Transaction Volume Reached $1.6 Billion in 2015

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2015 Year-End Report Reveals Growing Trends in Private Company Liquidity. Structured Liquidity Programs on NPM Platform Increased 33%.

NEW YORK and SAN FRANCISCO, Feb. 08, 2016 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The NASDAQ Private Market, LLC has published its 2015 Year-End Private Company Report, which summarizes private company liquidity activity on the NPM platform.


  • Structured liquidity programs 40, which is an increase of 33% from 2014
    — 58% share repurchases
    — 42% third-party tender offers
  • Secondary transaction volume: $1.6 billion
  • Median transaction size: $24 million


  • Company age: 9 years
  • Number of employees:  440
  • Primary capital raised: $350 million
  • Valuation: $1.8 billion


  • 67% current employees
  • 22% former employees
  • 11% investors

“2015 was a strong year for private company liquidity on our platform, with data showing the average company profile of our clients is similar to the traditional profile of a public mid-cap company,” said Bill Siegel, Head of NASDAQ Private Market.  “We believe that a company’s choice to remain private has gone beyond trend, and we anticipate that 2016 will be another year of market growth and structural evolution of the private markets.”

Mr. Siegel added, “A number of late-stage private companies see value in helping their employees unlock the value of their equity. Today the competition for top-talent is incredibly fierce, and conducting recurring shareholder liquidity events allows these private companies to compete more effectively, particularly with public companies that can offer stock compensation.”

About NASDAQ Private Market:

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