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Pre-Direct Listings Solutions

The experienced platform for private companies to design their own
continuous secondary marketplace prior to a direct listing.
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Nasdaq Private Market provides private companies considering a direct listing a centralized marketplace for its shareholders and investors.

With our Pre-Direct Listings solution, clients can harness a centralized order book driven marketplace that promotes trading transparency, operational efficiency and arm’s length structure for private companies.

Why Nasdaq Private Market?

The Trusted Private Company Liquidity Provider


Facilitated a total of $43B+ in program value across 160K+ participants in 625+ company-sponsored programs of which 180+ companies reached unicorn status.

Regulated Intermediary

Regulated marketplace with controls and oversight of Nasdaq Private Market, providing robust Private Market liquidity solutions.

Centralized Trade Data

A transparent marketplace tracking bids and asks into an order book allowing for companies to keep a pulse on market supply and demand.

Price Discover and Institutional Demand

Nasdaq Private Market’s trading solutions has provided private companies of all sizes access to institutional bids allowing for a market indicator of demand to build new relationships.

Company-Sponsored and Customized

Companies control the offering and customize their program while Nasdaq Private Market serves as an operating partner with expertise and over 10 years experience within the private market.

Technology Designed for Companies

Nasdaq Private Market’s modular technology and service allows for company control and real-time oversight.

Trading Solutions

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Nasdaq Private Market has a wealth of experience delivering cutting edge solutions for companies through its highly customizable technology, market structure prowess and regulatory diligence.

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Unlock Liquidity Before Your IPO

Thank you to Nasdaq Private Market for being a great partner throughout the Tender Offer process.
Scott Buxton

VP of Finance, Datadog

Scott Buxton

VP of Finance, Datadog

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