1. Private Company Secondary Liquidity–A Conversation with Ripple and Workato

    Hosted by Nasdaq Private Market (NPM) and Silicon Valley Bank – listen to our featured speakers, Kristina Campbell, CFO of Ripple, and Tom Ream, CFO of Workato, for a discussion around private company secondary liquidity from….

  2. What Law Firms Need to Understand About Secondaries – Beyond the Private Company Tender Offer

    For close to 10 years, law firms, associates and partners have trusted introducing NPM to their private company clients. With NPM’s global distribution network and support from our bank partners, we help private companies access strategic capital and facilitate market-driven transactions their shareholders deserve.  

  3. Misconceptions of Running a Private Company Tender Offer

    Thinking about returning liquidity to your company, investors or shareholders? We provided a list of the top misconceptions while running a tender offer.

  4. Fidelity, Nasdaq, and AngelList all agree on one thing: Cap tables need some work

    Buckle up. It’s time to discuss one of the most thrilling documents in the startup world: The cap table. I mean, come on: It’s all in there—shareholders, types of shares, dilution.

  5. The Future of the Private Market: Trends to Watch in 2020

    Public market volatility, as well as evolving regulatory and reporting requirements, have raised the barrier to entry to the public market, leading more private companies to pursue secondary programs.

  6. Want to Execute Your Own Liquidity Program?

    Less than a decade ago, many of these companies would have felt the pressure to go public. But with the Jobs Act of 2012 and changes in federal reporting requirements, many successful companies with high growth and high valuations are choosing to stay private.

  7. Q&A with Nasdaq Private Market on Secondary Sales of Private Company Stock

    In this Q&A, the Nasdaq Private Market team outlines the state of the private secondary market and details how they help facilitate secondary sales.

  8. Nasdaq Private Market: An Overview Of Restricted Stock Units

    As private companies continue to evolve and rapidly grow in size, retaining and attracting top talent has become increasingly challenging. What might a private company consider when offering restricted stock units (RSUs) as an equity incentive for employees?

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