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Who We Are

At Nasdaq Private Market (NPM), we are constantly reimagining the markets of tomorrow. Our offering is a combination of technology and business innovation, created as a direct response to the radical changes in the market and regulatory environments.

NPM was formed in 2013 to offer companies alternative liquidity solutions while remaining private. Companies that are choosing to stay private longer is not a temporary trend but today’s new reality and become a new market standard. With leadership and expertise in the market, Nasdaq Private Market’s vision is to further enable this new era of liquidity. We are focused on helping companies plan ahead and proactively manage their liquidity roadmap, and through our partnership, bring new possibilities if through tender offer programs, buybacks, auctions or block trades.

In 2017, NPM recognized that there were further challenges in the alternative investment industry, so we expanded our liquidity solutions to support funds structures in the form of partnership interests or registered ’40 Act vehicles. Through our technology and regulatory infrastructure, fund managers can now provide centralized liquidity to investors through our market-driven auction process.

Learn more about how Nasdaq Private Market supports private companies and private funds in our infographic, featured on CNBC.com.


Meet the Team

Head of NPM

Head of Private Funds

Deputy General Counsel

Director of Software Development

Managing Director, Private Company Secondaries

Director, Legal Channel

Director of Private Fund Secondaries

Director, Private Company Liquidity

Leading Nasdaq Private Market has been inspiring. We have the opportunity to rethink how we want to design markets for the future and create a new model that doesn’t exist.

Eric Folkemer, Head of NPM

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What We Provide

  • Innovative Transaction Technology

    We provide a uniform, end-to-end platform to streamline private transactions from setup and onboarding through cash settlement. Our flexible technology offers multiple market models to support tender offer programs, auctions and block transactions.

  • Ecosystem of Institutional Buyers

    We work with a growing pool of specialized institutional buyers who focus on secondary transactions in private assets of companies and funds.

  • Comprehensive Regulatory Framework

    We help ensure regulatory compliance in each aspect of the business and operate as a Broker-Dealer, Alternative Trading System (ATS) and Qualified Matching Service (QMS) as interpreted in a Private Letter Ruling by the IRS.