Private Company Liquidity

Deliver Shareholder Liquidity.
Reduce Administrative Burden & Improve Efficiency.

Private Company Liquidity

Liquidity is a crucial recruitment and retention tool for today’s private companies. But one-off secondary transactions can often be unorganized, expensive and a heavy burden on company time and resources.

Nasdaq Private Market streamlines the administrative burden of providing shareholder liquidity through an end-to-end technology solution. Our intuitive platform helps companies facilitate share buybacks or tender offers more efficiently and transparently.

Cumulative Liquidity Highlights

Nasdaq Private Market has offered private company liquidity programs since 2013.

$6.1BN total volume $
116 total companies
15,350 total transaction participants
Volume by program

Why Provide Company Liquidity

Attract and Retain Talent

Allow partial liquidity to provide value to your employee shareholders.

Streamline Equity Ownership

Bring in long term late-stage investors to balance your cap table.

Restructure Your Equity Program

Utilize NPM technology to modify your option plan.

Benefits Of Working With NPM

Reduce Administrative Burden & Improve Efficiency

The NPM platform streamlines manual processes like aggregating holdings information, collecting signatures and distributing payments.

Maintain Control & Visibility

Program administrators can set the parameters of their liquidity event and monitor transaction activity in real-time.

Improve Accuracy & Compliance Controls

The NPM platform ensures information and documentation is filled out in accordance with the Company’s instructions, minimizing the burden on the Company and its Counsel.